HAIER Blood Bank Refrigerator

These products are applicable as blood banks in hospitals, epidemic prevention services and so on.

Features :

1. Temperature Control

  • Forced-air cooling, electrically heated balancing and microprocessor controlling system ensure a constant temperature within 4±1℃.
  • Digital display shows average temperature, upper and lower set points with resolution of 0.1℃ for observation and monitoring.
  • Adjustable temperature set points within 2~8℃ with an imcrement of 0.1℃.
  • Using five digital integrated sensors to display and control.
  • Temperature recorder to monitor safety system whole course.

2. Safety Control

  • Dual displays of operating information.
  • Built-in 72 hours back-up batteries to keep displaying chamber temperature and alarming.
  • Malfunction alarms : over or under temperature, power failure, sensor error, door opening, low voltage of  back-up batteries.
  • Alarm : buzzing, flashing, remote signal.
  • Double temperature recording when power fails.
  • Double safe operation programs (sensor defect and disorganized digits)

3. Ergonomic Design

  • Auto-defrost function to be used in high temperature and humidity area.
  • Safety lock to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Large digital display for easier obervation.
  • Inner light.
  • Caster design
  • Broad climatization under ambient temperature 10℃~ 32℃.
  • Transparent Design
  • Auto-defrost technology on outer door to prevent condensed vapor under 85% humidity .
  • Transparent inner door.
  • Foaming case and transparent double glass outer door.

Specification Haier Blood Bank Refrigerator :

Model No. HXC-158
Voltage (Frequency) 220V (50Hz/60Hz)
Input power 350 Watt
Temperature range 4±1 ℃
Exterior Dimension (WxDxH) 560x570x1520 mm
Interior Dimension (WxDxH) 460x350x950 mm
Capacity 158 Liter
Net/Gross 107/120 kg
Shelf/Inner doors 4/4

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