Lab Safety in the Hospital

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Lab safety guidelines should  be followed at all times.
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Hospital laboratories must follow OSHA regulations, as well as the hospital’s Chemical Hygiene Plan, a plan that is created by the employer and provides procedures and equipment for the safety of the employees and anyone who visits the laboratory. The regulated guidelines are basic and effective means of ensuring that everyone on the premises remains safe.


If a chemical spill occurs, evacuate the area and use the lab’s spill kit to clean the area. Remove contaminated clothing, take a shower, and document the incident.

Working Alone

Do not work alone in a laboratory if you are performing hazardous tasks.


Heavy lifting should be properly performed; use your legs to lift, not your back.


Wear protective clothing, such as laboratory coats that are securely fastened, gloves and eye goggles.

No Food or Drink

Food, drink, tobacco and cosmetics should not be in the lab. These items can become contaminated very easily.

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