by: M. Emil Azhary

The need for quality hospital services is increasing along with the economic recovery and the increasing degree of public health. For the past few years, the Indonesian hospital industry has been experiencing a significant development with the issuance of several regulations designed to create a healthier business environment. Now, not only the government –which naturally bears the responsibility to provide health services to the public–, but also the business people have been active in supporting the Indonesian hospital industry. Because of this, we have been seeing an increasing trend of new private hospital establishments since the last few years.
Nonetheless, this recent development is not without problems. Issues regarding limited human resource availability, uneven distribution of hospitals, expensive health treatment, and operational issues culminated in legal cases between hospital managers and unsatisfied patients often make their ways to the news. So the questions are: What is the reality of Indonesian hospital business? What about its potential? The following is a review on Indonesian hospital industry.

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