We have a various range of product :

  1. Compact Dry Media for Microbial (Microbiological Reagent) :
    a. Total Viable Count
    b. Coliform
    c. E. coli & coliform
    d. Yeast & Mold
    e. Staphylococcus aureus
    f.  Vibrio parahaemolyticus
    g. Salmonella Detection
    h. Egg Suspension Staphylococcus
  2. ELISA Reagent : –> learning animation
    a. Chloramphenicol
  3. Biogenic Amines – Neurotransmitter – Amino acids Test Kit
    a. CATecholamine ELISA’s & RIA’s
    b. Metanephrines – Click to download brosur Metanephrines.pdf
    c. Histamine
    d. Melatonin
    e.  Serotonin
    f. 5-HIAA
    g. GABA
    h. Glutamate
    i . Tryptophan
    j. Research Assays
    k.  Food Control
  4. Infectious Disease Test Kit
    a. ToRCH
    b.  EBV Panel
    c. Pediatric Panel
    d. Gastrointestinal panel
    e. STD Panel
    f.  Tropical Disease Panel
  5. Endocrinology Test Kit
    a.  Metabolism (ME)
    b. Androgen Asessment
    c. Fertility & Reproductionl
    d. Thyroid Function
    e.  Tumor Markers
    c. Mineral / Salt Balance
    d. Saliva Assays
    e.  Disease Markers
  6. Hygiene Monitoring System with AMP + ATP Technologies :
    a. Lucipac
    b. Luminitester
  7. Instrument :
    a.  ACE Alera Assay Instrument
    b.  Flux-meter
    c.  Ultrasonography (USG)
  8. Incinerator
  9. Blood Bank Referigerator
  10. Other products (please call us)

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Endocrinology Test Kit


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  1. udin says:

    tolong dong email harga & produk yg di tawarkan,spt stik ,siapa tau cocok kita bisa mitra

  2. KAMARUDDIN says:

    Mohon dikirim kami spesifikasi dan gambar serta haarga penawaran untuk laboratorium Patologi Anatomi,Terima kasih
    Hormat kami

    Hp: 0813-64711526
    Fax: 0761-571522

  3. M.Bagir says:

    Please Visit my Blog

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